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Kilder uden for Jehovas Vidner

Watch Tower Movement
Jehovas Vidner under nazismen

Udvalgte bøger/artikler om Jehovas Vidner

Alfs, Matthew : The Evocate Religion of Jehovah's Witnesses: An Analysis of a Present-day Phenomenon
Old Theology Book House, Minneapolis, USA 1991

Bergman, Jerry: Jehovah's Witnesses and kindres grups
Garland, New York 1984

Beckford, James A.: The Trumpet of Prophecy
Basil Blackwell, Oxford 1975

Beckford, James A.: The Watchtower Movement World-wide
Social Compass, XXIV, 1977/1, side 5-31, London 1977

Gruss, Edmond C.: Jehovah's Witnesses: Their Claims, Doctrinal Changes and Prophetic Speculations. What Does The Record Show?
Xulon Press,

Gruss, Edmond C.: The Four Presidents of the Watch Tower Society
Xulon Press,

Hoekema, Anthony A.: Jehovah's Witnesses
William B. Eerdmann Publishing Company, England 1937

Horowitz, David: Pastor Charles Taze Russell - An Early American Christian Zionist
Philosophical Library, Inc., New York, USA 1986

Malachy, Yona: Jehovah's Witnesses and their attitude toward judaism and the idea of the return to Zion
Herzt Year Book, Vol. V Side 175-208, Herzl Press, New York 1963

Montague, Havor: The Pessimistic Sect's Influence on the Mental of its Members:         the Case of Jehovah's Witnesses
Social Compass, 1977/1, side 135-147, London 1977

Penton, James A.: Apocalypse Delayed: The Story of Jehovah's Witnesses
University of Toronto Press Incorporated 1985, 1997.

Pike, Edgar Royston: Jehovah's Witnesses
C.A. Watts and Co. Ltd, London, 1954

Singelenberg, Richard: "It Separated the Wheat from the Chaff": The "1975" Prophecy and Its Impact among Dutch Jehovah’s Witnesses
Sociological analysis, 50, no. 1, spring 1989, side 23-40

Spencer, John: The Mental Health of Jehovah's Witnesses
Brit. J. Psychiatry. 1975, 126, side 556-559

Stroup, H.H.: The Jehovah's Wittnesses
New York 1945

Twisselmann, Hans-Jürgen: Vom 'Zeugen Jehovas' zum Zeugen Jesu Christi
Brunnen-Verlag GMBH Geisen
Basal 1961

Wilson, Bryan: Aspects of Kinship and the Rise of J.W. in Japan
Social Compass, XXIV, 1977/1, side 97-120

Zygmunt, Joseph F.: Jehovah's Witnesses in USA 1942-1976
Social Compass, XXIV, 1977/1, side 45-57, London 1977


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